Why Cant Airsoft Guns Be Shipped To San Marcos California?

Can I get an airsoft gun shipped to California?

All airsoft purchased and shipped to California destinations will be made compliant with state law SB 199. Permanent and bright orange markings will be affixed to the magazine, pistol guard, and/or stock of each airsoft gun/pistol that is sold and shipped to any locations in California.

Why can’t Amazon ship BB guns to my address?

There are ZERO restrictions on air guns in my state yet Amazon refuses to ship to my address. Amazon has very strict rules regarding Airguns or Airsoft guns. Depending from your State Laws and regulations special Orange marking (Airsoft Or Airguns) might be required.

Can Airsoft guns be shipped?

You can ship the gun with mags, but you should not have the magazine inside the gun. Orange tip is not necessary, but I like to but a barrel cover or plastic wrap over the end of the gun to keep stuff from falling into it. I prefer UPS and FedEx, so that way shipping doesn’t take too long and can be tracked.

Are airsoft guns legal in San Diego?

“Any firearms or explosives are covered within San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 5, Section 3[, according to which]:[40] It is legal to own and use an airsoft gun in San Diego, provided that you are not possessing or using one in a public space or gathering, and are under the age of 18.

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Can I ship airsoft guns through USPS?

Air guns that do not fall within the definition of firearm under 12.1. 1a are mailable. A shipment containing an air gun with a muzzle velocity of 400 or more feet per second (fps) must include an Adult Signature service under 503.8. 0.

Can you ship an airsoft gun without an orange tip?

“ There is no requirement Federally … requiring an orange tip on your ‘airsoft gun. ‘ Federal Law does require a minimum of a 6mm orange tip be present during importation of any ‘toy gun’ (including airsoft replicas.)

Can you mail a BB gun through the mail?

Shipping BB guns requires adherence to local laws governing the weapons. When ready to mail the weapon, pack it in an approved US Postal mailer to the legal destination.

Can I buy an airsoft gun online in California?

California has strict laws about airsoft. If you are under 18 and you are carrying an airsoft gun, that is illegal. Second, California law prohibits an airsoft replica that is a lookalike of a real firearm. Therefore, that is why amazon doesn’t ship airsoft/bb guns to California just because of the laws.

What Airsoft guns are illegal in California?

When you’re in California it’s illegal to furnish or carry an Airsoft replica if you are not 18 years or above. So therefore it’s also prohibited to sell an Airsoft replica these minors. Second, the California law prohibit an Airsoft replica that is a look-alike of a real firearm. In color and overall appearance.

Can an airsoft gun kill you?

No. Airsoft guns cannot kill. Airsoft guns fire plastic BBs at a low velocity than that which would be needed to kill. While Airsoft guns are not designed to “kill”, they can indeed cause injury to people when not used properly or as intended.

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