Readers ask: Where On The San Marcos River Should I Look For An Arrowhead?

Where can I find arrowheads in Southeast Texas?

Specific Arrowhead Sites in Texas The banks of the Guadelupe River near the town of Center Point was a favorite residence, and Beech Creek and Village Creek near Silsbee have been very productive. Around San Marcos was rich hunting territory. Many semi-permanent camps were set up in the game-rich Big Thicket region.

Can you look for arrowheads in Texas?

According to the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979, No, it is not illegal to pick up arrowheads as long as they are on the grounds surface. You cannot dig for them.

Why is it illegal to pick up arrowheads in Texas?

Federal and state laws are designed to protect archeological sites on public land and generally forbid casual artifact collecting. Artifact collecting should not be undertaken on public property unless legally permitted. The collection of artifacts or digging on archeological sites is illegal without a permit.

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Is it safe to swim in the San Marcos River?

For the most part, it’s very safe. The water is clear so you can see any underwater obstacles. Small children or non-swimmers should always wear a flotation device. There is only one area at Rio Vista Park where the water flows over a dam and moves pretty fast.

Where can I dig for arrowheads?

Surface arrowheads are easier to spot in the desert where there is less ground cover. Forest can hold a lot of artifacts too, but the dirt and ground cover can make artifact hunting almost impossible. In forested areas I recommend checking river beds and dried up creeks.

What to look for when searching for arrowheads?

Walk creeks and look for unnatural colored rocks and shapes. In some cases, natives used non-local stone like obsidian, which makes the points stand out. Flowing water sifts gravel into different sizes along gravel bars. Look for points in gravel bars where rocks are similar in size to the points you’re hoping to find.

How old are arrowheads in Texas?

The story of Texas starts more than 16,000 years ago with the discovery of projectile points. The arrowheads were found at the Gault Archeological Site in Florence, Texas, and the digging was conducted by archaeologists based at Texas State University in San Marcos.

What is an arrowhead in Texas?

For American Indians, arrowheads were part of their everyday lives. They attached the points to arrows and spears for hunting, fishing, and war. Each region of Texas had distinctive arrowhead types. The long, slender Toyah points were used in the Trans Pecos and Big Bend areas between 900-1400 BCE.

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How old are andice arrowheads?

ANDICE, ca. 4500-3500 B.C. KINNEY, 1200-2500 B.C. LANGTRY, 2000 B.C.

Can I keep an arrowhead I found?

Offer to eventually give the landowner any arrowheads you find as long as you can play with them for a few months. Most landowners will let you keep them forever, and will be your friend for just as long.

Are arrowheads worth money?

Since they are so common, you won’t be able to sell a typical arrowhead for much. However, some arrowheads are worth much more than others. An arrowhead can be worth $20,000 in the best cases, even though it might only be worth $5, and an average arrowhead is only worth about $20.

Is it legal to own arrowheads?

Yes it is legal to surface hunt arrowheads on private property in all 50 states. If you hunt someone else’s land, be sure to get permission. ‚ÄčThe goal of every arrowhead hunter is to hunt legally, ethically,and with great respect for ancient cultures.

Can San Marcos River be banned?

General rules In line with regulations of other rivers, San Marcos River tubing rules strictly prohibit littering of any kind. In many cases, this involves throwing empty bottles and cans into the river, as drinking while floating is a favorite pastime of tubers.

Are there alligators in San Marcos River?

‘That’s the biggest fish we have ever pulled in’: 198-pound alligator gar caught in the Brazos River. Jet Ski In Hull Transducer, The river flows southward through parts of the Texas State University campus and downtown San Marcos.

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Is the San Marcos River dangerous?

512-396-5466. The San Marcos is a great river for beginners because it has enough current to keep it interesting but rarely so much that it is dangerous. The most dangerous places on the river are the dams (three between San Marcos City Park and San Marcos River Retreat).

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