Quick Answer: How To Find A Roommate In San Marcos?

What is the best site to find a roommate?

The 9 Best Roommate Finders on the Web

  • Craigslist. Let’s start with the obvious: Craigslist.
  • Padmapper. With its free, map-based interface, PadMapper makes it easy to find apartments in a particular neighborhood or even on a particular block.
  • Roomie Match.
  • Roommates.com.
  • Roomi.
  • Roomster.
  • 7. Facebook.
  • Alumni Networks.

How do I find a trustworthy roommate?

So, here are a few things you should do when you’re on the hunt for a housemate.

  1. Look at your friendship group.
  2. Or disregard your friendship group.
  3. Check out other people’s housemates.
  4. Be honest in your advertisement.
  5. Check references.
  6. Avoid moving in with complete strangers.
  7. Take your time.
  8. Be on the look out for red flags.

How do you find a roommate in a small town?

Try roommates.com, uroomsurf.com, roomiematch.com or roomidex.com. You’ll be able to chat with potential roommates for a while before making any commitments, and if nothing else, you’ll make some new friends moving to the same city as you.

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How do you find a roommate before you move in?

Here are the top online roommate finder websites:

  1. RoomieMatch. RoomieMatch is a dedicated roommate website.
  2. Diggz. Sign up for Diggz to access profiles with deeper information than your typical roommate finder.
  3. Craigslist.
  4. Roommates.
  5. NextDoor.
  6. Facebook.
  7. Roomster.

What is the best app to find a roommate?

Some of the best apps for finding roommates include:

  • Trulia.
  • Craigslist.
  • RoomieMatch.
  • Circle of Roomies.
  • Roomi.
  • Roomster.
  • Cirtru.

Is Roomster safe?

The company began its operation on Sep 27, 2003 and is based in New York City. They have a real physical address and 40 employees as of February 2019 according to LinkedIn. They are also listed on Crunchbase as a legitimate startup. So yes, Roomster Corp is a legitimate company.

Is finding a roommate online safe?

While Craigslist is a great tool, like any roommate finder, you need to be careful and you need be safe. Never meet up at someone’s apartment alone. As long as you use common sense and are safe about looking for a roommate on Craigslist, it can be one of the best tools out there.

How long does it take to find a roommate?

How long does it take to find a roommate? It could take anywhere less than a week to a couple of months before you get a response to your listing, due to a number of reasons: You’re asking for too much rent.

How can I find a roommate fast?

Find a Roommate, Fast: 10 Online Roommate Finders

  1. Craigslist. Craigslist is one of the original ways to find a roommate, and boasts a massive classified section with listings across the world.
  2. RoomieMatch.
  3. Diggz.
  4. Roomster.
  5. Circle for Roommates.
  6. Roomi.
  7. Reddit.
  8. PadMapper.
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How do I find someone to live in a new city?

9 ways to find a roommate in a new city

  1. Ask your friends and family.
  2. Post and search online for a roommate.
  3. Use your alumni network.
  4. Check Facebook groups.
  5. Post on community bulletin boards.
  6. Check with your local church group.
  7. Ask a coworker.
  8. Ask a fellow student.

How do I find a roommate in the Bay Area?

Craigslist is overwhelmingly popular in the Bay Area. Tons of people find a good room mate and then never talk about their experience online. There’s a website called nextdoor with communities for each city. Go to that city’s nextdoor and post an ad there.

How do you ask someone to be your roommate?

But if you know they’re looking for someone to live with, broach the subject gently. Unlike a marriage proposal, you can ask a prospective roommate via text, email or social media. It’s likely better that way – they might appreciate the chance to think it over without having to respond immediately.

What makes a good roommate?

Honest. Honesty is a biggie; 99 percent of people want honest roommates. Honesty might encompass anything from coming clean about it if you accidentally damage something belonging to someone else to communicating clearly and respectfully about any issues you might be having with your roommate’s behavior.

How did people find roommates before Internet?

Before the Internet, people found roommates through friends or the classified section. Then came Craigslist in the ’90s. Before the Internet, people found roommates through friends or the classified section. Roomi is kind of like Tinder, but for roommates.

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What do you say when looking for a roommate?

Perhaps mention hobbies and interests you and your roommates have. Describe the roommate you are looking for – Be honest about what you want in a roommate. You certainly don’t want to attract the wrong people to respond to your ad. You want your new roommate to be a good fit.

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