Question: Where Is San Marcos, Guatemala?

Is San Marcos La Laguna safe?

Safety. As a woman traveling alone, I felt very safe in San Marcos the entire time I was there. The town had a peaceful and friendly vibe and the locals and expats were warm and welcoming. It was a quiet and relaxing place.

What language is spoken in San Marcos Guatemala?

Mam is a Mayan language spoken by about half a million people in Guatemala, mainly in the departments of Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango and San Marcos. It is also spoken in the Mexican state of Chiapas along the border with Guatemala.

Is Lake Atitlan Guatemala safe?

Is Lake Atitlan Guatemala safe? In general, Lake Atitlan is safe for tourists. But it is important to take precautions. The biggest danger for most tourists is robbery. 6

What’s the highest point in Guatemala?

Tajumulco Volcano, Spanish Volcán Tajumulco, mountain peak in southwestern Guatemala. The highest peak in Central America, Tajumulco rises essentially from sea level to an elevation of 13,845 feet (4,220 metres).

How safe is Guatemala?

Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America; there were 4,914 violent deaths in 2018. Although the majority of serious crime involves local gangs, incidents are usually indiscriminate and can occur in tourist areas. Despite the high levels of crime, most visits to Guatemala are trouble-free.

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What is Guatemala famous for?

Guatemala is best known for its volcanic landscape, fascinating Mayan culture and the colorful colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But this small Central American country has a wealth of homegrown produce and talent.

Is English spoken in Guatemala?

English is recognized as a co-official language even in Guatemala, where it is the first tongue of many inhabitants of Izabal Department. But a movement is afoot to make it the second tongue of all educated Guatemalans.

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