Often asked: What Parks In San Marcos Are Dog Friendly?

Is San Marcos dog friendly?

Of course San Marcos is a great place for people, but did you know it’s also a great place for pets, too! From a hike through the Hill Country to a dip in the San Marcos River, and lots of delicious food and craft beer in between, San Marcos is a must-visit for anyone wanting to pamper their pup.

Are dogs allowed on the San Marcos River?

South of Austin on I-35, this university town is home to the crystal-clear Aquarena Springs that feed the San Marcos River which has been used by humans for more than 13,000 years. The river flows right through town, offering you and your dog some beautiful swimming spots.

Are dogs allowed at Sewell Park?

ANIMALS PROHIBITED IN SEWELL PARK Domesticated animals are not allowed at Sewell Park, with the following exceptions: Service animals must be tethered at all times.

Are dogs allowed in San Antonio parks?

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department offers 16 off-leash dog parks around the City, including two at Phil Hardberger Park, one on the east side and one of the west side.

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Is Ivars pet friendly?

Ivar’s River Pub is nestled on the banks of the San Marcos River at Rio Vista Park. This adorable pub restaurant has a darling, covered patio overlooking the water for humans only, and a spacious, full-service beer garden where dogs are welcome. Both areas have excellent river views.

Can dogs float the river?

Take your dog river tubing or rafting on a float trip down a calm, shallow river with your family and friends! The best time to do this is on a hot sunny day. Your dog should love the water or can tolerate being on a moving boat.

Are dogs allowed to float the Comal River?

Are dogs allowed river tubing? Believe it or not, yes they are. It’s a city ordinance to keep them on a leash, so keep that in mind. Also, if you want to float the Comal, you can even rent a dog-friendly tube!

Can dogs float the Guadalupe River?

Dogs are welcome to go tubing on the Guadalupe River and ride on our shuttles with you via Whitewater Sports. There are both inherent and unknown risks and dangers on the Guadalupe River. These include but are not limited to injury or loss of life to you or your dog.

Are dog parks open in San Antonio Covid?

City parks, trails, dog parks and green spaces are open. Basketball courts, fitness stations, playgrounds, skate parks and sports fields are open. Tennis courts and disc golf courses are open. Bathrooms and water fountains are open.

Is Brackenridge Park dog friendly?

Brackenridge Park There are walking and bicycling paths throughout this 343 acre urban park. Dogs on leash are allowed, and owners must clean up after their pets. The park is located near downtown San Antonio.

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How dog friendly is San Antonio?

San Antonio is one of our favorite dog friendly destinations. The city has history, fantastic parks, and interesting neighborhoods to explore. Now, don’t get me wrong – this 13-mile, serpentine urban park has a lot to offer! And it’s all 100% pet friendly.

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