FAQ: When Do I Get A San Marcos, Texas Electric Bill?

Who provides electricity to San Marcos?

San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) is a municipally owned and operated retail electric distribution system purchased by the City of San Marcos in 1986. The Lower Colorado River Authority sells wholesale power to the City.

How do I set up electricity in San Marcos TX?

Request In Person To open a new utility account, visit 1 of our 2 locations in person: Municipal Building (behind City Hall) 630 East Hopkins. San Marcos Electric Utility, 1040 Highway 123 (Seguin Highway)

How much is electricity in San Marcos?

The average residential electricity rate in San Marcos is 16.35¢/kWh. This average (residential) electricity rate in San Marcos is 6.58% greater than the California average rate of 15.34¢/kWh. The average (residential) electricity rate in San Marcos is 37.63% greater than the national average rate of 11.88¢/kWh.

How do I cancel my San Marcos utilities?

How to Stop Utility Services. Utility accounts may be closed by visiting one of our two locations in person at the Municipal Building, 630 E Hopkins or San Marcos Electric Utility, 1040 Highway 123 (Seguin Highway).

What is power cost recovery?

PCRF stands for Power Cost Recovery Factor. It’s an adjustment to your bill based on our wholesale cost of power. To calculate your PCRF charge, we multiply the factor by the amount of kilowatt hours you used during the billing cycle. When our wholesale power costs go up, the PCRF increases, and vice versa.

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